The What The Heck Effect!?!? PART DEUX


By Dr. Shauna K. Young: Owner of Assertive Wellness Center & Durango Cryotherapy

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Since everyone seemed to enjoy Jason’s article about the “What The Heck Effect” of whole body cryotherapy (over 100 shares on FaceBook!) so much, we’ve decided to make it a series of sorts.

So what is the “What The Heck Effect” (WTHE)? There are effects that people have come to actually expect from cryotherapy. You know, the ones you read about in all the articles and magazines where everyone from top notch athletes, movie stars, and regular folk like us are all extolling its virtues. This series will be about the surprising and seemingly random secondary effects that we did not expect, or the WTHE…

You’ll eventually see these from a lot of people, but I’ll go first…

It is not too much to say that whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has changed my life. After just 4 or 5 sessions I started feeling like a new woman. To tell you the truth prior to WBC I was getting a bit cranky about my living with the aches and pains I experienced. I mean, come ON! I eat really well, I exercise, I do everything right, so what’s with the aches? Well, it’s probably associated with the fact that I have been sitting in a chair seeing clients for over 15 years, but the non-fact based part of me wanted perfection. With the use of our WBC sauna, Dr. Crankypants has now retired, for which me and I’m sure everyone else that works here is grateful. This however, was pretty much expected and it happened right on cue.

Many many years ago I injured my foot. The only reason I remember doing it is because I was standing in front of the White House when it happened. It didn’t seem like a major issue at the time. I stepped wrong on an uneven brick in the cobblestone street and – ouchie. No big deal. Unfortunately it didn’t stay that way.

Over the years I have seen every kind of practitioner you can imagine to try to address my stupid foot. I received many (many) opinions on what it was, or what to call it, but there was one thing they all agreed with each other on: it was here to stay. I was stuck with it.

After my 6th WBC session, I was getting ready for work the next morning. When I stepped into my shoes I immediately noticed that it felt very different. Taking my shoes back off I looked at my foot, and was that…. movement in my big toe? That toe has been essentially fused for years and yet there it was. The movement wasn’t a lot but it was there!

Remember that when you are in our WBC sauna your feet are covered by thick socks and  rubber scuba booties. For some reason our minds seem to jump to the conclusion that if the cold is not directly touching a sore area that it won’t help it, and while that may be true with ice packs, it is not true of cryotherapy! The very same anti-inflammatory effects that work on the exposed areas are also working internally to find and sort out inflammation in your covered areas as well.

Since I was getting that little inspirational step forward, I asked Jason to design a mobility drill for me to see if I could coax even more flexibility out of my formerly fused toe. I am very happy to say that after only a few weeks of these corrective exercises and continued cryo sessions, I am now at about 50% of normal movement. I will be keeping up both, and I truly believe that in no time my piggy will be ready to return to the market once again.

Whole body cryotherapy is truly a game changer for me. It will be something I continue for life – not only to control the everyday aches and pains of life, but to see what other wonderful “What The Heck Effects” will happen!

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