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share your storyAt Assertive Wellness Center and Durango Cryotherapy, we hate exaggeration and false advertisement.  Our aim is to under promise and over deliver.  We avoid touting the benefits one can expect from the various services we offer; rather, we ask you to tell us about your results.  It’s a privilege hearing about your remarkable experiences on a daily basis.  With the addition of Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), you have been sharing more amazing stories about how this service has helped.  Here are some examples:

  • Easton reports relief from chronic low back pain!
  • Julia remarks that she has “a lot more lift” in her step!
  • Amy is surprised to experience cellulite reduction and an increase in her metabolism!
  • David notes the pain in his elbows from bone spurs has eased!
  • Sariah says, “Exhilarating experience, leaves me feeling great immediately after and the reduced joint pain is a plus!”

We love hearing stories like these.  If you have one to tell then we’re all ears!  Please email Jason at so we can brag about you!

Find out more about Whole Body Cryotherapy and its benefits at

(Note: At Durango Cryotherapy, we use a cryosauna manufactured by Impact Cryotherapy.  Impact Cryotherapy manufactures whole body cryosaunas in the U.S. in ISO 9001 certified facilities. The Impact Cryosauna has been evaluated by the FDA under the 513(g) process. The FDA has concluded the Impact Cryosauna is not a medical device. Products manufactured or produced by Impact Cryotherapy are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or chronic illness. – See more at:

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