Our Cryo-Warrior Project

7824517 - silhouette of an army soldier walking on hills against blue skyBy Jason Skeens

Most of us don’t ask for a demanding and stressful life; however, military, law enforcement, firefighters, and other emergency response personnel have chosen paths that place demands on the body and mind that far exceed other professions.  Saying thank you is important.  However, we can all find ways to go beyond this.  Therefore, at Durango Cryotherapy, we are offering a deep discount to those who have dedicated themselves to protecting us.  We call this extraordinary price reduction the Cryo-Warrior Project.

A single session costs $60 at our center.  This price is very competitive.  But for those who qualify for the Cryo-Warrior Project they can average $30 a session when they buy a ten pack for $300!  As far as I know, this is the most affordable Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) package on the market!

As an Active Army veteran and paratrooper who held his body together with painkillers for years.  I can personally attest to the incredible benefits of WBC.  We have been very pleased with the results our clients are receiving and are anxious to spread these benefits to those who need it most while also decreasing the financial burden that often comes with frequent and consistent WBC sessions.

Find out more about Whole Body Cryotherapy and its benefits at durangocryo.com

(Note: At Durango Cryotherapy, we use a cryosauna manufactured by Impact Cryotherapy.  Impact Cryotherapy manufactures whole body cryosaunas in the U.S. in ISO 9001 certified facilities. The Impact Cryosauna has been evaluated by the FDA under the 513(g) process. The FDA has concluded the Impact Cryosauna is not a medical device. Products manufactured or produced by Impact Cryotherapy are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or chronic illness. – See more at: impactcryo.com.)

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