Pursuing Wellness

kb-pushupsWe want you to link assertiveness and wellness together in your mind. Wellness doesn’t come to passive people, it takes intention.  Yet, many are confused about what wellness is.  Many tend to think someone is well if they don’t get sick often and have a decent amount of energy.  However, the above description leaves out a major component of wellness; namely, fitness.

Many people are generally healthy but may struggle with everyday tasks like carrying their groceries up the stairs without getting winded.   On the other hand, many athletic people are destroying their health with poor nutrition and overtraining.  Finding a harmony between general health and fitness is rare; but, this harmony is where wellness is found. 

Pursuing wellness demands a balance of water, whole food, functional movement (which we call whole movement), and wise or selective supplementation.  If one only embraces one or two of the above then their wellbeing is shortchanged.  If one embraces all then they are on the right path.

We don’t want anyone wasting time with crap diets, garbage supplements, or fitness fads that won’t outlive their infomercial airtime.  Our practitioners and specialists will help you dial in your nutrition, take the right supplements, and help you select an appropriate physical training program you can do on your own or with a personal trainer. 

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