napkin-coffeeResolutions almost never work and starting the New Year with one will most likely lead to failure and discouragement.  Instead, start with the specific results you want in 2017.  A resolution is a commitment to do or not do something.  Results are the consequence of doing or not doing something.  One can make a commitment and not follow through, but one cannot avoid the results from not following through.  Therefore, navigating to the desired outcome by taking the right steps is the crux of the matter.  Drafting a resolution or commitment doesn’t necessarily lead to taking the required choices to achieving that desired outcome, but a realistic and specific result achieved through a progressive plan of action is the best roadmap for transformation.

Three imperatives should stand out. 

1.Be specific.  What motivates you more?  Losing twenty pounds just because, or losing that weight to increase energy, self-confidence, and reduction of joint pain? 

2.Be realistic.  Burnout occurs when one attempts too much, too fast.   Losing a hundred pounds in one month in order to run a marathon the next is unhealthy, unattainable, and ridiculous.  Losing twenty pounds in two months and starting a gentle exercise routine is healthy, attainable, and sensible. 

3.Be progressive.  Setting a goal and hoping it comes to fruition is like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it will stick.  Instead, draft a step by step blueprint that incorporates near, mid, and long-term goals.  These goals act like markers on one’s path to transformation.  They interconnect and provide momentum. 

Are you already struggling with getting on the right track for 2017? Coaching will help.  Our practitioners and specialists are here to walk you through the above process and hold you accountable. 

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