Lori Young

Lori Young

Star Weight Loss Coach

Hi I’m Lori Young and I’m here to tell ya’ that I’ve experienced my own personal challenges with body weight at multiple times of my life, beginning in my teenage years. Then in my late 40’s I was starting to fall into the same trap that many others experience, of feeling that I had to just lower my expectations about ever being able to control weight into my middle-age years – “Everyone just naturally gains a little more weight with age”…right?

Not wanting to just surrender to those stereotype notions; in 2009 as an expansion of my focus and passion for anti-aging sciences at Assertive Wellness, I began doing my own research into the most effective and sustainable weight loss strategies out there.

Part of what I found was a lot of confusing and conflicting information, which further confirmed for me why so many people feel so frustrated. So I made the decision to use myself as the first test case in applying and refining what I was learning.

The bottom line is that naturally, rapidly and successfully within a period of 45 days, I was able to use a restricted eating strategy combined with specific homeopathic and other nutritional supplements to lose 25 pounds, and without even increasing exercise.


Lori Young in 2008

Lori Young now

Now nearly a Decade later, I have continued to maintain my target weight plus-or-minus only a few pounds, because I am empowered with the proper tools to quickly end and correct any moderate fluctuations. A main key to long term success is to not lose control in gaining 6 or more pounds before you catch yourself and get back on course! That’s what I’m here to teach and support you with.

Since 2009, I have coached hundreds of Assertive Wellness clients along the same journey, except that I have been able to save them all the dead ends that I’ve encountered!  I’m here to show you the road to the lifestyle and body image that you see for yourself.

When do YOU want to get started?

Lori Young has been active in the health & beauty field for more than 30 years. She is a Licensed Esthetician, Weight Loss Coach and Certified Biofeedback Technician. Lori has a great passion for helping others reach their wellness and positive self-image goals, and is a relentless researcher for the latest and greatest bio-hacking techniques to maximize weight loss and anti-aging.