For Men Only!

Coming Soon To Assertive Wellness Center!

ATTENTION MEN…the much anticipated MVP is arriving soon in Durango, CO!MVP

Our customized Men’s Vitality Pack  is a money saving  4-pack(athletic bag included) of all natural supplements that synergistically gives a Man what he needs daily to help:

  1. Maximize results of their fitness & training programs
  2. Increase energy, stamina, and overall well-being
  3. Effectively assimilate & utilize their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients through increased digestive efficiency
  4. Defy the “Aging Process” of a Man (as it relates to Libido, Testosterone, & Prostate)

          Be YOU, But BETTER!!!

Available Exclusively at Assertive Wellness Center & Durango Cryotherapy970-385-7577


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