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Metabolic ReBoot™ Weight Loss Program

Exclusively at the Assertive Wellness Center

Are you ready to fully commit to the last weight loss program you’ll ever need?

You can do it, and we can help! It just takes a little dedication commitment support

A lot of people – maybe you’re one of them, feel great frustration when they follow the exact same dietary program that friends and even family have successfully lost weight with, and despite sticking to it rigidly they either don’t lose weight or lose a few pounds that come right back on as soon as they loosen their habits. Or you might find that you suffer more compared to others regarding feelings of hunger, headaches and mood swings.

This is all because even though a dietary program may be the same, people are not, and you may have a very different reaction than the next person.

At AWC we recognize that each person has their own individual needs and challenges and we offer you a team to help you make the lasting change that you want. First; our Naturopaths can help you to remove any barriers to your weight loss that may have held you back in the past so that your experience on the Metabolic ReBoot Program will be optimized.

Then our star weight loss counselor, Lori Young, will not only coach and support you on your dietary program, but educate you on nutritious eating for after the diet so that your weight loss will be a permanent and manageable change.

Your uniquely personalized Metabolic ReBoot Program will not only provide you with the tools to rapidly and safely start achieving your weight goals, but will also empower you with the ability to maintain those goals over a lifetime!

  • No more unhealthy and disappointing yo-yo dieting programs
  • Drop to your desired weight and then learn healthy and realistic ways of maintaining it
  • The program can result in dramatic body reshaping due to the loss of long-stored fat
  • See more youthful skin and appearance
  • Short term effort for achieving long term health and positive self image
  • Documented high rates of success for both women and men of ages 18 to 80

We’ve done extensive research in creating this program and have been able to make it a completely personalized regime for each individual and not the standard one-size-fits-all approach typically seen with fad diets. The key to your success with this program will be your total commitment – meaning that you are mentally, emotionally as well as physically ready to lose weight and reshape your body for life.

The first stage in your journey to achieving and maintaining the weight level you desire is a comprehensive full-hour consultation with one of our Naturopaths. During this important assessment you’ll be able to discuss your health, weight and dietary history and allow our experienced practitioner to look for any aspects of your wellness and lifestyle that might possibly present roadblocks to optimizing and expediting weight loss.

After the Naturopath is confident that you are ready to take the next step (typically 2-4 weeks), you’ll be ready to schedule your initial Metabolic ReBoot consultation and orientation with Lori Young, when she will instruct you on the customized multi-phase program she will design specifically for you that will provide you with the toolbox you’ll use to reach and maintain long-term success.


Lori Is Speaking From Experience

Hi I’m Lori Young and I’m here to tell ya’ that I’ve experienced my own personal challenges with body weight at multiple times of my life, beginning in my teenage years. Then in my late 40’s I was starting to fall into the same trap that many others experience, of feeling that I had to just lower my expectations about ever being able to control weight into my middle-age years – “Everyone just naturally gains a little more weight with age”…right?

Not wanting to just surrender to those stereotype notions; in 2009 as an expansion of my focus and passion for anti-aging sciences at Assertive Wellness, I began doing my own research into the most effective and sustainable weight loss strategies out there.

Part of what I found was a lot of confusing and conflicting information, which further confirmed for me why so many people feel so frustrated. So I made the decision to use myself as the first test case in applying and refining what I was learning.

The bottom line is that naturally, rapidly and successfully within a period of 45 days, I was able to use a restricted eating strategy combined with specific homeopathic and other nutritional supplements to lose 25 pounds, and without even increasing exercise.


Lori Young in 2008

Lori Young now

Now nearly a Decade later, I have continued to maintain my target weight plus-or-minus only a few pounds, because I am empowered with the proper tools to quickly end and correct any moderate fluctuations. A main key to long term success is to not lose control in gaining 6 or more pounds before you catch yourself and get back on course! That’s what I’m here to teach and support you with.

Since 2009, I have coached hundreds of Assertive Wellness clients along the same journey, except that I have been able to save them all the dead ends that I’ve encountered!  I’m here to show you the road to the lifestyle and body image that you see for yourself.

When do YOU want to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight Loss

  • How do I get started?

    The first step for a person who is not already a client of Assertive Wellness, is to give us a call to get any remaining questions answered and to schedule a time to consult with one of our Naturopaths. During that one-hour session we will review your current health status, listen to you regarding your weight loss goals and get you ready to maximize your success. This will allow us to address and strengthen the foundational aspects of your health situation and get your systems functioning properly so that you are able to achieve optimal and sustained results.

    The second step will be to initiate your customized weight loss & weight management program. When planning to set your appointment with us, know that it’s very important that you’re prepared to start the program right away with no distractions over the following 6 weeks or more due to vacations, company visits, holidays and other special occasions, so look at your calendars, judge what’s happening for the next consecutive 6 weeks and make your plans to join us in your life-changing  program.

    So when you’re ready to go, below is the very short list of things we will need from you at your first appointment:

    1. Write down any medications and supplementation you may be currently taking
    2. Bring your excitement and commitment to yourself to achieve the best, most confident and healthiest that you can be!

    If this sounds like something you would like to participate in to achieve a lighter, stronger, healthier and happier you, please give us a call Monday through Saturday at (970) 385-7577 to set the appointment that will change your life.

  • How much will this cost?

    If a Naturopathic consultation is indicated, the fee for the one-hour BioBaseLine Assessment is $175. At that time targeted nutritional supplements will most likely be recommended to you at least short-term, and the additional cost of these products will vary depending on your individual health condition and unwanted symptoms you may be experiencing that should be addressed prior to aggressive weight loss. Typically, most of our new clients start losing some weight through this initial stage of support, even prior to starting their structured weight loss program.

    Once your Naturopath has given you the green light to proceed, the comprehensive cost of your Metabolic ReBoot Program Membership will be approximately $500-$600 depending on your particular and individual needs, and will include:

    • Your initial full-hour weight loss orientation and program design consultation
    • One follow-up 30-minute consultation to keep you on track
    • Your customized weight-loss supplement system
    • Free Saturday weigh-in & mini-coaching sessions with Lori Young
    • Membership in Lori’s private ReBoot Facebook Group for submitting questions and other coaching support

    Remember, our intent is not only to supply you with the successful plan that will finally allow you to achieve your weight goals, but also the ability to effectively manage that target weight over the rest of your life! This definitely is not your ordinary quick-fix diet program – it’s your own uniquely designed weight management plan!

    There are many strategies out there to drop a few pounds prior to attending a wedding, class reunion or other special event, but what sets our program apart is that once you’ve achieved your goals, you’ll also possess the tools to keep your weight in check in the future. We all regularly see the evidence of many “fad diets” out there that don’t properly teach you how to keep the weight off after completion and that don’t properly reset your system to function optimally through superior eating practices, good water intake and regular exercise.

    As with any re-education process, the consistent application and long-term benefits will all be up to you, but having the right tool box will empower you with the ability to maintain the weight you lose and to say goodbye forever to yo-yo dieting. Be fully aware; this is a program you must entirely commit to for no less than a full 6 weeks, so no cheating, no vacations during the ReBoot period, and absolutely no stop and do-overs, or your chances of success will be compromised.


  • How long does the program take and what types of results are being achieved?

    Whether you have those five stubborn pounds that even exercise won’t melt off, or if you’re truly ready to attack the weight you’ve collected for decades, this is the plan for you! This represents an uncomplicated but fully customized program that needs to be strictly followed for as little as 45 days, depending on how much you wish to lose and maintain.

    During your first consultation we will assess your individual needs, design and fully review your dietary and product protocol with you, answer any questions you have before beginning.

    Our bodies do not all react in identical measures to changes in nutrition and the metabolic process due to individual conditions such as toxicity, organ efficiency and general wellness, but we’re commonly seeing weight losses of one-half pound to a full pound or more per day of the program.