The Assertive Wellness Center has been serving our clients who have traveled to see us from every U.S. State and several other countries since 2001. Because we maintain no forms of formal advertising for our services, our new clients have always found their way to consult with the owner Shauna K. Young, Ph.D., CTN almost exclusively through referrals from her happy clients and many other healthcare professionals.

We practice exclusively what is termed traditional naturopathy.  In the past, we have featured a number of stories and testimonials from clients who have come to us with a broad array of health issues and goals, but we have elected to discontinue such case histories for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, the proper practice of traditional natural medicine relies heavily on the principal that a holistic wellness program must be specifically customized and adjusted to each “individual”. Although we are fully confident that many primary philosophies of natural medicine are applicable and helpful to the population at large, it is unreasonable and improper to give the impression, or for you to assume, that the way that your own body will react to changes in diet, supplementation, toxicity and lifestyle, will closely simulate the experience of your neighbor or even a family member.

This common over-simplification of the natural process many times leads people to feel and assume that any two people with apparently similar symptoms and/or health and wellness goals will respond in the same way after consultation, assessment and assistance through us or any healthcare practitioners. This unrealistic assumption that we all move and progress along the same timeline can lead to disappointment.

Second, you need to be fully aware that the practice of traditional natural medicine is under constant and progressing scrutiny and legal challenge in this country, and has even been deemed illegal to practice in a number of U.S. states. This is one reason that many people have elected to travel interstate to see us. Our State of Colorado is still a battleground in terms of the matter.

Although the percentage of the public that has the opinion and demonstrates confidence in “alternative” medical practices grows with every year, in reality, natural medicine is not yet on anything even resembling an even playing field with what has been deemed “conventional” medicine under the western or allopathic medical philosophies.

In example; when a person responds favorably to conventional  medicine, the medical arts are given full credit, but when the outcome is less than hoped for or a catastrophic failure, it is chalked up to “all that could have been done, was done”. Conversely, when a person responds favorably to any process deemed by the medical establishment at large as alternative (which might represent literally hundreds of options), then little or no credit tends to be given to the course of care in being dismissed as “anecdotal” or an otherwise invalid proof of success, and if the outcome for the individual is less than hoped for or unfavorable, then the alternative course of care is given full blame for the outcome. The establishment of quite an unjust dichotomy has been the result.

If we attempt to represent and attribute our effectiveness to any particular technology or device, then that technology or device is sure to be challenged as to such effectiveness by the medical establishment. If we try to attribute your resulting success to any suggested dietary protocol or course of supplementation, then any such protocols or products will likewise be challenged. Technology and products are nothing more than tools in the hands of good practitioners. Proper knowledge for both the teacher and the student is the only real key to your success, and never forget that. Your more-healthy future is all that really matters.

In this dogmatic and restrictive current medical paradigm, we feel that it is simply up to each individual to educate them self on the full spectrum of available medical options, to choose their course of care, and to be the judge as to their satisfaction with the outcome and adopted path to sustainable wellness. People need to powerfully assert their freedom and choice, or both will surely continue to be limited by the forces that have something to gain from the absence of such options.

Therefore, we apologize to new readers if some of the information on this website may be less than totally fulfilling to you. Just know that if you choose to consult with us, we will do our absolute best to listen to you and use our knowledge and experience to educate and assist you with your health challenges and wellness goals.

We remain here for you and your family just as we were for the person or practitioner who had the confidence and trust to tell you about us. If you decide to extend the trust to visit us, we will do our utmost to listen and be of help. Your individual success with your goals will be a direct function of your individual circumstances and your desire and compliance in following any recommendations we will make to you.

You must always be “assertive” about your own wellness in order to maximize your body’s innate potential to overcome health obstacles and maintain your sustained wellness. Educate yourself with the many available resources. If you ever feel frustration regarding the restricted status that natural medical must continue to assume, then try not to channel that frustration towards the many battling practitioners like us, but instead write your elected officials to inform them that you wish them to preserve and protect your medical freedoms! Only together, will the necessary paradigm shift occur.


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